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Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, Hon. Philip S. Lee and the Nigeria High Commissioner, Prof. Iyorwuese Hagher, unveiling the mosaic, “Peace and Purpose” created by Yisa Akinbolaji.

Clint Castle , the Chairman of CNIB Manitoba, speaking at Yisa’s art exhibition at Gupta Centre, Winnipeg, Canada on 17th October, 2011;  Dr. Jon Gerrard and Dr. N. Greco reflecting on Yisa Akinbolaji’s work.

The Art Removable Glue, “Remoglue”, a new painting medium for professional artists is inspired by the work and innovative technique of painting by Winnipeg based Canadian visual artist, Yisa Akinbolaji. Yisa is originally from Nigeria. Before immigrating to Canada in 1997, the inventive artist was recognized in the publication by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, Washington. D.C., with inclusion in Nigerian Artists: A Who’s Who and Bibliography published in 1993. In the same year, while still in Lagos, where he has practiced and exhibited extensively, the artist began experimenting with a new technique of creating his oil and acrylic painting. Yisa was featured on the cover of Art Business News, in November 2011 for his distinctive painting technique following a successful exhibition in New York. In view of the high demand of his work and appreciation of  the technique, Yisa has been invited and conducted several workshops in the technique.

Yisa’s work is in private and public collections around the world including the collections of several international diplomats and the collections of the province of Manitoba. For more about the medium visit: www.remoglue.ca

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