Yisa's work is in private and public collections around the world including the collections of Great-West Life, Cargill Canada, and several international diplomats.

Like his own worldwide rompwhich has taken him from his native Nigeria, where he was featured in Nigerian Artists: A Who's Who and Bibliography, to the University of North Dakota, where he earned his MFA, to his current home in Winnipeg, Canada, where he is full-time visual artist—Akinbolaji sees art as one connected journey. "In my work, I reveal the colors and patterns that lie beneath the covering layers of paint," he says. "My art technique emphasizes the character of my visual narratives, my journey, my experience and my imagination in a personal and unique way." Though paint may be Yisa Akinbolaji's first material of choice, "I do not just paint; I create using paint," says the artist.          Jennifer M. Wood, Art Business News, New York 2011.

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“was feeling a bit down this morning, for no particular reason..... went for a long walk, dunno what possessed me but I popped into the art gallery and came across the artwork of Nigerian painter (now Winnipeger) Yisa Akinbolaji. His artwork lit a flame within me! Inspired me!! Totally lifted my spirits and bitch-slapped any negativity out of me. Lol! I was in awe. Amazing how art can have that effect! Love his artwork - I am an instant fan!!!"


Yisa Akinbolaji is based in Manitoba


          P A I N T I N G    -   P R I N T M A K I N G   -   I N S TA L L A T I O N S

Artist Yisa Akinbolaji honoured at the Senate in Feb.:

Canadian Hon. Senator Patricia Bovey who presented an account of one of the paintings by Yisa Akinbolaji, “Stolen Identities” recognized the artist in the parliament chambers on February 27, 2019. Please, enjoy the audio by clicking. For the full text click the blue link below:

Canadian Hon. Senator Patricia Bovey with Yisa Akinbolaji, standing by his painting, “Stolen Identities” at the opening of his exhibition, 'Who is In and Who is Out', at the MHC Gallery, in WInnipeg, May 3, 2019.

Yisa with Dr. Leo Mol and Paula Leighton